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Interactive Digital Environments
Networked Virtual Meetings
Integrated VOIP

Studio 216's mixed reality Altoura platform is a customizable, collaborative, spatial visualization application for Hololens, WMR and all Windows 10 devices. Altoura supports room scale VR, AR overlay of physical environments and VOIP multi-user remote expert functionality. Our full service agency provides end to end service to customize our Altoura platform to solve your business needs.
  • Full Scale, Real Work AR Overlay
  • Collaborative, Spatial Design
  • Customizable, Your Experience, Your Data

Retail Layout

  • End-to-end solution to visualize your product line
  • Design product layout in real-time at real-world scale
  • Collaborate with design team in virtual space
  • See full scale products in your physical space
Georgetown Prologis Rendering

Site Logistics

  • Photogrammetry
  • 3-D composite of actual topography using aerial drones
  • Navigate virtual 3-D model at full scale
  • Manipulate virtual equipment in full-scale environment
  • Real-time synchronization between doll-house and full-scale models

Real Estate
Sales or Leasing

  • Full-scale virtual walkthrough
  • Real-time optioning of layouts and finishes.
  • In-person and remote tours Cross devices
  • Virtual meetings
  • Immersive