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With Augmented and Virtual Reality, Tour Your Office Before It’s Built

The experience was thanks to augmented reality technology, which the site’s developer, American Life, used to give potential tenants a feel for the completed building before the first brick was laid. The strategy paid off: The entire 200,000-square-foot office tower was leased before it opened in early 2018


What are the real life changes you could see from virtual reality?

Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of games; it is quickly altering the landscape of industries like health care, real estate, and tourism, and Seattle has become a virtual reality hub. But will the technology change our lives as many in the industry promise?

Oculus Rift Takes Students, Home-Buyers on Virtual Tours

With the impending release of the Oculus Rift, virtual reality isn't just changing video games -- it's also shifting how people explore everything from luxury apartments to universities.

The 3 Best Industries for Virtual Reality

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For some industries, virtual reality packs even more dollar signs. To get a sense for just how much, we reached out to leaders from three different industries.

How to check out your next penthouse from your armchair

Property hunting can be a grinding chore. But what if you could have a good nose round your prospective "des res" without getting up from your chair?

Selling the Future: VR’s Potential Role in Real Estate

With the technology projected to gain more mainstream acceptance this year, many realtors and tech firms see VR headsets becoming a key sales tool

Microsoft HoloLens used to provide virtual tour of Seattle’s 2+U high-rise project

Studio 216 has teamed up with Skanska USA and Microsoft to create the first Holographic Real Estate Center.