Introducing the Altoura XR Platform

A visual guide to the Altoura XR Platform.

We at Studio216 have worked with numerous clients to visualize their built and unbuilt spaces in the nascent but powerful Extended Reality (XR) medium. Based on the great feedback from both our clients but even more importantly their prospects and customers, it is clear that being able to visualize and understand the spaces before they are built can lead to accelerated sales. With this in mind, we started an effort, a few months back to simplify the on-boarding of such spaces into XR, thus the Altoura platform was born.

In a nutshell, Altoura XR allows users to collaborate on spatial design and visualizations using the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) platform and Azure. Let’s take a deeper look at the key features of our XR platform...


Shared Experiences + Collaboration

After a space is on-boarded into the Altoura cloud, it becomes available to anyone running the app on HoloLens, WMR or a Surface device. If you’re not a headset owner or dislike wearing them, our platform supports computers running on Windows 10. In the headset-less experience you’re able to move throughout the virtual spaces much like a video game, using the keyboard and mouse to interact.

When you launch the app, you can choose to create or join a session. If multiple users join the same session, they can be virtually present in that space together and interact with each other— even if they are physically on different continents. The platform distinguishes between platforms and multiple users through avatar representations. With integrated VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), users can also talk to each other from within the app. Imagine being in an unbuilt office space with the agent, tenant broker and client virtually, and discussing the layout and design options.


Spatial Design + Visualization

Altoura allows users to quickly choose and view design options. These can range from various testfits or more aesthetic changes like flooring types, paint color choices etc. Users can also add, move or delete various furniture items for a more ad-hoc design change. All changes are instantly visible to every user in the session. With our methodology, we are able to incorporate actual or realistic background context and produce photorealistic spaces that mimic the design options. This allows clients the opportunity to make decisions with a higher level of confidence instead of looking at 2D plans for design options.

Using Altoura XR we are able to easily and cost effectively load your spaces into any Windows Mixed Reality headset, in turn allowing you to collaborate seamlessly, present to your prospects in an innovative way and close sales faster.


Interested in bringing XR into your company?

Bharat Ahluwalia is the CTO of Studio216. Studio216 is a immersive technology agency focused on VR/AR/MR for the enterprise.