Studio 216 and GLY talk VR at SMPS Breakfast

On January 24th at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) monthly breakfast program, Boaz Ashkenazy, Founding Partner at Studio 216, and Heather Skeehan, Design Manager at GLY Construction had a chance to present on the future of Virtual Reality.  

Since 1983, SMPS has been supporting the community of marketing and business development professionals in the AEC industry and providing educational and business opportunities.

The breakfast presentation was titled 'Virtual Reality: Are You Ready?' and both Boaz and Heather discussed the value that Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) bring to the AEC Industry and took questions from the audience that focussed on how this technological paradigm shift is going to affect future work.

Boaz Ashkenazy began the presentation with a short history of VR and the explained the current state affairs of both hardware, software and content.  He followed with some case studies that explained 'go to market' strategies using different headsets and platforms.  Boaz finished with a discussion about future trends and other industries that will be impacted by VR AR and MR.

We are super excited about the potential for immersive technologies to impact the AEC community. Architects, Construction and Real Estate professionals have been early adopters and are driving interest in this new virtual medium.
— Boaz Ashkenazy

Heather focussed her talk on how virtual reality is affecting the construction industry today.  Heather, a VR evangelist at GLY Construction, headquartered in Bellevue WA, is using mobile virtual reality and mixed Reality to help her team visualize problems before they are built to minimize cost and decrease the amount of time it takes to construct projects.

She featured an interesting example of how designers, contractors and clients can come together in mixed reality using Microsoft HoloLens to imagine a future design overlaid directly onto the real space.

After digesting all the information presented, Susan Kemp, Marketing Manager for Hart Crowser and Director of Education for SMPS Seattle, was pleased to see how far this technology has evolved.

“The applications for VR, MR, and AR are much more immediate and varied than I had considered. Soon they will be an essential part of all facets of life—especially marketing.”
— Susan Kemp

When it comes to visualizing and marketing spaces and catching mistakes before construction starts, creating immersive experiences are a logical tool for conveying design ideas quickly and easily to stakholders.

We are still very early in the game in terms of wide spread adoption of immersive media, but it is clear that VR AR and MR are going to have a major impact on the design and construction community.   

Boaz Ashkenazy is co-founder of @Studio216.  Studio216 is a immersive technology agency focused on VR AR MR for the enterprise.  Boaz can be reached at or on twitter @boazashkenazy