5 Must Have Apps to Get Started with Samsung Gear VR


As things stand right now, there are numerous ways of experiencing VR in the home or the boardroom, but one of the easiest entry points for new users is Mobile VR.  Mobile VR is slighting different than what you get on devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  Mobile VR allow users to experience virtual reality untethered and unencumbered by wires and allows you to take your VR with you anywhere.  

Google Cardboard is the easiest way to experience Mobile VR, but Samsung’s new Gear VR bridges the gap and gets users a little closer to true ‘virtual presence’. It’s not as powerful as the dedicated headsets, since it’s powered exclusively by a phone, but its cool features and ability to immerse the user are way beyond Cardboard. 

Plus, it’s a relative bargain, provided you own a Samsung phone.  The device went on sale in time for Black Friday 2015 and retails at Best Buy for $99.  At that price all creative businesses should have at least one GearVR at their disposal, especially if they are in the business of designing or visualizing space.

If you’re ready to buy a Samsung’s VR headset, you’ll want to know the best apps available to demonstrate its abilities. Here are our picks for the must have Gear VR apps for new users.



VRSE is a portal for super high quality videos.  The amount of content is very limited but what is available is top notch, entertaining and educational.  It was founded by acclaimed Chris Milk and technologist Aaron Koblin – both renowned for their innovative, industry-leading work.  VRSE best known for its high-profile collaboration with The New York Times which recently launched NYT VR to the public.


2. Flickr VR

Flickr VR like the website contains a wealth of stunningly beautiful 360 degree imagery.  Make sure to stand up and get out of your seat for this app.  You’ll want to give yourself some space to move around so you can spin in all directions to take in all the detail of these amazing panoramic images.


3. Samsung Internet

It’s a little odd to be viewing standard to 2d elements on a virtual reality devices, but sometimes you simply need to browse the internet.  This app give you a sense of how a simple UI for browsing can work in a virtual world.  The easiest way to search content is to not type at all and use the built in voice dictation tool.  Try and see what you think.

4. Netflix Living Room

Netflix Gear VR

The Netflix app places you in a pre-designed living room where at your leisure you can watch your favorite movies and tv shows on the big screen.  You will need a Netflix account to experience this app, but you will certainly get a kick out watching TV in this epic media room.  One thing to remember is that after a while the weight of the device can weigh down your neck muscles so stay clear of the epic 3 hour dramas.


5. Land’s End

Lands End Gear VR

Land’s End is an cartoonish puzzle game that is stunningly beautiful and very addictive once you get started.  The navigation is very smooth and users move from point to point joining together dots, opening doors and solving puzzles.  Don’t let the cartoon style throw you off.  Once you get inside this amazing atmospheric environment it will be hard to take your headset off.

Boaz Ashkenazy is founding partner at Studio216.  Studio216 is a digital agency focused on virtual reality, mixed reality and visualization in the real estate and architecture space.  Boaz can be reached at boaz@studio216.com or on twitter @boazashkenazy