XR in Construction

Companies across multiple segments see augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, commonly referred to under the umbrella term cross reality (XR), as a means to improving the productivity of their operations.

According to a survey by ABI Research, 75 percent of businesses expressed some level of interest in augmented reality, with 40 percent of respondents in the manufacturing sector already having implemented the technology in their operations.

The Future of VR - Ep 3: Interview with Forest Key of Pixvana

While video games have dominated virtual reality content, 360 video is on the rise and is a key element in stoking popularity among early adopters and VR enthusiasts.

Pixvana, a Seattle VR startup, founded by Forest Key, has been an early pioneer in 360 video and has created a new cloud-based platform for creating and delivering ultra high-resolution VR video, empowering content creators and businesses who use VR for communication.  

This blog post contains a summary of interesting perspectives from Pixvana founder Forest Key.

The Future of VR - Ep 2: Interview with Will Adams of Mortenson Construction and Rene Fresquez of Hewitt Architects

When I visited Mortenson Construction in Kirkland last month to see what Will Adams and his colleagues were up to I was surprised and impressed with the level and quality of the VR experiences that a small team inside a construction firm was producing.  It was also interesting to see how building contractors were providing value to their clients through simulation and visualization.  Read more about what Mortenson is up to.

The Future of VR - Ep1: Interview with Cody Lodi, Heather Skeehan and Adam Cisler of Weber Thompson and GLY Construction

I had the pleasure of sitting on the panel with individuals from two great AEC companies in the greater Seattle area, Weber Thompson and GLY Construction , that are leading the way in implementing virtual reality and mixed reality in their practice.  Following our presentation, I asked Cody Lodi, Heather Skeenan and Adam Cisler questions related to VR AR and MR execution inside their firms along with overall trends they perceive in the architecture and construction space.

Virtual and Mixed Reality meets Architecture and Design

Virtual and Mixed Reality meets Architecture and Design

2016 saw a marked increase in the amount of content made available on the major platforms and headset - Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Playstation VR and HoloLens.  Most of the content in virtual reality was focused on gaming and entertainment and the content in mixed reality was limited.  

This post is going to explore how virtual and mixed reality meets architecture and design and discuss how architects and designers are leveraging this new technology.

8 Ways to Bring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into the Enterprise

As virtual reality and augmented reality head sets become more widespread in the boardroom, enterprise businesses are starting to ask themselves how best to implement VR and AR in the workplace.

These days most of the VR/AR news and content creation is focussed on games and entertainment, but in the near future it will be very common to dawn a VR headset to communicate with colleagues, test ideas and diagnose problems.