Virtual and Mixed Reality meets Architecture and Design

Virtual and Mixed Reality meets Architecture and Design

2016 saw a marked increase in the amount of content made available on the major platforms and headset - Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Playstation VR and HoloLens.  Most of the content in virtual reality was focused on gaming and entertainment and the content in mixed reality was limited.  

This post is going to explore how virtual and mixed reality meets architecture and design and discuss how architects and designers are leveraging this new technology.

8 Ways to Bring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into the Enterprise

As virtual reality and augmented reality head sets become more widespread in the boardroom, enterprise businesses are starting to ask themselves how best to implement VR and AR in the workplace.

These days most of the VR/AR news and content creation is focussed on games and entertainment, but in the near future it will be very common to dawn a VR headset to communicate with colleagues, test ideas and diagnose problems. 

Comfort and Simplicity key take aways from GDC 2016

Every year, programmers, developers, and enthusiasts get together for a week-long celebration of the year's exciting new content, which is known as GDC (Game Developers Conference). This year marks the 30th anniversary of the event, and the turnout was, as usual, record breaking. This year was special for another reason as well. For the first time, a special section of the conference was created to host the latest in burgeoning technology, Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality and the Power of Spatial Audio

This week Google came out and announced that they are finally supporting spatial audio for the Google Cardboard headset.  As many already know Google Cardboard is the low cost and relatively low quality sister to the more powerful and immersive GearVR, Oculus and Vive headsets.  However with the introduction of spatial audio Google Cardboard has taken a big step forward in make their virtual reality experience much more dynamic.

5 Must Have Apps to Get Started with Samsung Gear VR

As things stand right now, there are numerous ways of experiencing VR in the home or the boardroom, but one of the easiest entry points for new users is Mobile VR.  Mobile VR is slighting different than what you get on devices like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  Mobile VR allow users to experience virtual reality untethered and unencumbered by wires and allows you to take your VR with you anywhere. 

Google Cardboard is the easiest way to experience Mobile VR, but Samsung’s new Gear VR bridges the gap and gets users a little closer to true ‘virtual presence’. It’s not as powerful as the dedicated headsets, since it’s powered exclusively by a phone, but its cool features and ability to immerse the user are way beyond Cardboard. 

3 Rock Stars join the Studio216 family!

We are very excited to welcome three stellar individuals to the Studio 216 family.  

Aidan Doyle and Sheena Garcia have joined Studio 216 as Senior Creative Leads and are based in our Seattle headquarters.  Each brings deep visualization experience leading high profile projects for firms like Foster and Partners, DBOX and Bernard Tschumi Architects.  Sheena and Aidan also have a strong history of teaching architecture and 3d visualization at Yale, Princeton, Kansas State and Tulane.  

Liz O'Carroll, fresh from a position as VP of Marketing at JLL San Francisco is our new Director of Business Development in the San Francisco office.  She brings incredible experience in sales, marketing and digital strategy.  Liz will be responsible for creating & nurturing client partnerships within our growing California market.

Below are some work examples and short bios that illustrate how fortunate we are to welcome these 'rock stars' to our growing team.